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Genuine hero is an engagement platform for authentic emotional content.

There exists an enormous demand for authentic storytelling

  • Brands aligning with genuine positivity capture hearts and minds
  • By fusing authentic stories, video, and technology brands can more effectively connect with consumers


  • Community for emotional content: E​mpower life-changing behaviors around gratitude and heroic action
  • TV and new media production
  • Social technology

Why Invest?


  • Imagine how combining social awareness with consumer motivation could impact buying decisions
  • Small overhead…Big revenue
  • GENUINE HERO Brand License Potential – $1,000,000-$5,000,000 per year per brand
  • Virtually endless source of new material, international licensing potential


  • Developing a pilot episode of GENUINE HERO TV for network distribution
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul-based brands, including Mall of America, competing for ad space *FULL
  • Invited to audition for NBC’s “Shark Tank”
  • Developed a unique marketing opportunity with GENUINE HERO smart technology
  • Joined by recognized engagement powerhouses, Randy Greenberg, Brian Schulman, and Don Shelby

Technology and Social Media

  • In discussions with technology providers regarding fusion of social awareness with viral user motivation
  • In negotiations with highly successful mobile tech firm to license technology in pursuit of joint revenue opportunities
  • Partnering Digital Marketing Agency: Mirum Agency
  • Partnering Creative Agency: Agency Underground

The Team

Wendy Weiner Runge: CEO

Don Shelby: Executive Producer

Randy Greenberg: CMO

Tenaya (TJ) Tison: CFO

Brian Schulman: Business Development

Thomas Thayer: Co-creator and storyteller

Zach Messler: Messaging

Lee George: Chief of Staff

The Opportunity

We are seeking accredited investors for debt equity investment. Detailed spend plan and cash burn profile provided upon request.



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